When Zen Tails go crazy, or Strawb with his Picasso hat on.

Affecting the freaky beats and funky frequencies in an abstract style. Always with the hint of a Beardman in the bushes of inspiration. A Wide Mouthed Girl has been responsible for such unheard classics as '...singing' 'Pure Love Dimensions', 'S.T.F.U.' and now the brand new 'BOSH! (plenty of paint around)'. Compleated this night of February the 4th, 2003. Starring Russ and Harley on my ansaphone. Beats from a CD Clive gave me. Possibly the happiest 'song' I've ever written. Which is ironic

All A.W.M.G. 'songs' are written with "Sunrise '89" in my heart. They are designed to sound like flashbacks to songs you think you've heard, at Raves you think you remember! BOSHs intent is to sound like me DJing back in the days of SUMOS in 93. It is available for free download on the Mp3 page in pure rough Dodgy Digital rather good Duff Demo form! An A Wide Mouthed Girl e.p. will be available in good time, until then, rumour has it that a pre-release copy of the album "Don't Look Up My Dress Unless You Meen It" is in circulation...be warned and stay tuned!*


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* and send me money, I'll send you a copy