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Akoo Stik is the sound of the Strawb without electricity

With the legendary Henry Orna on guitar

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Little Marilyn

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as well as the truly wonderful Searching 4 My Yoko

and the great Waltz Time

But First

2 new additions and 2 of the best songs I've written with the genius that is Henry Orna. The song Eyes was a guitar piece Henry had written, to which i somehow added a poem of mine. I was Never meant to sing this, but someone had to so that the singer would know how it goes. It took a while and I sing it a lot better live, but here in all it's rough majesty is Eyes.

Then we made Love. That too is a very beautiful song, with my one of my favourite middle 8s. Also my most feared coz i always nearly pass out at the end of it. Download now and hear why.

Download EYES click here

Download LOVE click here



I love you
Means nothing anymore
It ain't binding by the law
Lost its honour, wins no war
I love you
Means nothing anymore

Love, holds it's head in shame
It can't explain the pain
The looks of disdain
The tears that fall like rain

Love, lies broken on the floor
Ashamed of being poor
An embarrassment of yore
Love keeps coming back for more
Keeps coming back so pure

Love, is still our only hope
Love, is still our only chance
And love, is still the only way
No matter what the poets say
No matter what the papers say
No matter what the people say
Love is still the only way
If you pray for love
Love to find a way
Love to save the day
Find a way

Love, is like a dirty label
Hidden under the table
Just a stupid fable
Something to disable
Your very soul
Your very core

I love you…




Behind every face there lies
eyes just like mine
connected to feelings
to the divine

eyes that show fear
eyes that are kind
eyes full of tears
eyes that are blind
eyes of devotion

eyes that love knows

full of devotion
touched by lifes woes

eyes that say nothing
eyes that know all
whispering something
eyes of us all

Behind every face there lies
eyes just like mine
connected to feelings
by the mind

may you find
we all see the same inside
we all feel the same inside
if you open
your eyes

strawb 2002


Searching For My Yoko


Recorded at Westcliff College, spring 2002 by my man Dan Farrell at the controls. Originally written by Jon Canon, back in about 1994. Jon had this, as he said, 'terrible cheesy guitar part' he didn't know what to do with. I sang along with a lyric I had recently written. Despite Jons objection to the use of the word 'Guatemala' in a song, Yoko was born.



Waltz Time


The acoustic guitar for this was recorded about 7 years ago, as a guide track. One take. Played by Jon Canon, conducted by Strawb. The vocals I did in 2 takes, both used here, last night. (17.1.2003) No effects, no EQ, just a bit of compression. Rough raw and pure. (And NO Antares Auto-tune!) Only one edit where I muffed up the last chorus and used just the one vocal line.

Lyrics to Waltz Time at the bottom of the Strawb Poetry page.



Little Marilyn

click here to download song!

Little Marilyn
She doesn't know a thing
She doesn't know that she's beautiful
She doesn't know that I love her
And everything about her
She's my Little Marilyn

She fell in love with a bouncer
She fell in love with a gambler
She fell in love with the postman
She fell in love with her taxman
She fell in love with Kylie
She fell in love on ecstasy
She fell in love with, David Bowie
She should'a fell in love with me
We'll see

Oh she's graceful she's stunning
A lost little girl
A tone of perfection
In a discordant world
She's trusting she's loving
She's eager to please
A butterfly caught in a web of disease
She'll tear you apart
If you give her your heart
For she'll run away
'cos she's too scared to stay
And be hurt again
Never hurt again

Now she's got a baby
And she's single again
And I'm thinking maybe
I'll take paper to pen
I'll write her a love song
That's sweet and that's true
And tell her I love her
But do you think that I should do
Do you think I should do?
Oi vey!

My little Marilyn
My little broken doll
Maybe I could make us whole
My little Marilyn
Little Marilyn


For Lis. Always xx