Live at long last The Bamboo Grove was proud to announce


LIVE in The City of BATH

6th May 2005

Held to celebrate Strawbs 40th birthday

Which happened to fall this year on Ascension day!

Which was nice

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Songs of Ascension


The venue was

The Porter Butt Inn, London Road, BATH

6th May 2005

7pm till late.


"Strawb will be headlining and performing his 'latest' debut album, live, in full

Steve of Flat Afro Wig will be playing bass and Henry of AKOO STIK

will be adding percussion. Others may assist"


Live support acts were:




Clive T.V. will be allegedly hosting the night


The show starts at 7pm with DJ El Strawb playing Reggae on vinyl

After the live music we'll end the night playing the same records I used to play

at all those Woods Party Raves back in the day...

The Promo CD cover


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Set list: Vinyl begins 7pm

AKOO STIK live at 8pm

FLAT AFRO WIG rock out at 9pm

STRAWB sings at 10pm

@ 11pm reggae vinyl continues...


"It's now the 11th of May, We've played and partied

It was great and everyone had a fun time

I'll be telling more, soon

Too busy getting my Album into Real Record Shops!

£62.55p was raised for Tibet

I wish it had been more and I'd like to thank all my friends for coming

Now go out and buy my album! There's only 200 pressed

Once sold out I will be sending a further £200 to Tibet

Again thanks to all involved. It was a great show

and I loved it!"



Update :

Yeh right. That's why you went out and wrote Yesterday Is Gone (get over it) soon after and topped that with King of The World. Next thing you know I'd compiled the God Knows I'm Good album and now I've got all these stickers and fridge magnets, and I'm moving the studio out to the countryside, to a converted barn to live alone and learn to cook. Far out baby!

It's been an interesting few months sine I hit 40 and no one came to my party. Sort of. The Public certainly weren't there despite all my local press support. Hey ho

At least I'm updating the web site at long last. Slowly I'll replace and update all the Purple Pages as we head off into a Golden Future. 12 years left to go people. Time to Get Busy and Tidy Up This World. Starting with Our Selves

And if you don't believe me then go buy my album and listen to the songs until the words enter your world and beyond. Then you'll see as you sing along

"'coz we're all going to die...


Love your life




*for Byron Alexander Shakespeare

see track 8 God Knows I'm Good