Songs of Ascension

by Strawb


Available to buy from 5th May 2005

on limited edition Black Vinyl CD!

only 200 numbered copies pressed

N.B. this is not a picture CD. It's tactile, baby!


Now available with bonus CD "God Knows I'm Good"

Plus Free Sticker and Fridge Magnet! can you resist?


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£1.00 from every CD sold will go to Tibetan Orphans


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10 years in the making

This album began I guess around 1995 when I was writing my book I & I Must Be Alone

All the lyrics were written and the backing tracks recorded to my trusty 4 track tape

There they stayed until I mastered the backing tracks to CD at White House Studios in 1998

It wasn't until I planned my 40th birthday party that I actually compiled and realized this album

The vocals were recorded during February of this year (2005) and were mastered to the original backing tracks, again at White House Studio by the ever helpful Martin Nicolls


Full lyrics are available on the links below


All breakbeats from E-Zeee Lees' record collection, mostly

Jon Canon played guitar on "Think About Life"

Rap on "The Door" assisted by Clive T.V.

Thanks to JODI for Tennyson

Front cover Seagull Sample also by JODI

Back cover photo thanks to VIVIKA

And Neville says "Y'can't come in!"



The Ravers Lament

Let The Future Roll

Karma Comedian

Barefoot In My Brain

Destiny Beckons

Manifestational Blues

Think About Life

The Door



Spaceman Tune


all songs written, played, sampled, engineered, produced, recorded 10 years ago

and sung by...

Me, recently!