This is ZEN TAILS at its most emotive. Recorded initially on new years eve, 1998. There are words for all bar Tor Boy, but they're not needed here. All are instrumental. Guitar on Be Mine supplied by Ed. Reap co-written with Cliveman. Castilia inspired by Herman Hesses' books Gertrude and The Glass Bead Game. (Siddhartha's a good read too!) Sleeve put together by Cybertribe a.k.a. Raj and Ken. Mastered to 16 track by Martin at White House Studio, Kewstoke 1.4.98. All music written/recorded by Strawb at The Bamboo Grove.

Soundbites to each track...soon come!

For now, go to Mp3 page for Zen Tails downloads


I've said it before and I'll say it again...

No home is compleat without a copy of The Castilia Suite. It's awesome, It's lush, It's Phatt and fab.

I know I wrote it, so I'm biased, but...Babes, buy your copy now!! 5 years on and Castilia still stands proud in my heart as one of my finest achievements.

That and my Oak Tree!


To the Herman Hesse fans out there, yes I'm aware I've misspelt "Castalia". I could blame the misprint on the back of my copy of The Glass Bead Game that I am rereading at the moment, but won't. It don't matter none.


and if you've never read this book and are serious about music and is well missing out!*



Sod 'The Field' play 'The Game'


Get on









*same applies to FUTURAMA Comics