'Lion Man, wha'appen dan!?' as the song used to go, the one I wrote about Clive all those years ago

That's Clive (The Vibe) and me in the picture below, at the Ashton Court festival way back in 1995 (?)

and No, I am Not getting his autograph. The T-shirt comes from the band Clive was in with my cousin at the time,CLIVE T.V. One of the best live bands I've ever seen. 5 egos, one band, they didn't last long but by golly they were seriously good. A funky Faith No More? Chilli Peppars with a black minstrel up front? Awesome.. but, hey ho, rock 'n roll baby!

We've written many a rambling tale of frequency and verse together over the years

None compleat, or rather, none recorded to their full potential, until along came Dear God.

Now we have You'll Do and Love Song 4 All of Mankind to offer on the Mp3 page


Clive also has recently been contributing and collaborating on many a song with

The Sleep Talkers

A collective in search of their own musical path whom you really must check out!


It's been a Long and Curiously Wondrous road and one I hope to keep walking with Clive

To visit Clives web space click

also at




Tail One.


Clive came down to stay for the weekend. Finally got to get a copy of Dear God, which was nice, as he hadn't actually heard it yet!

While I was having a bath, like I do, Clive wrote a song in the studio. 'Oh the abstract pain of creation!' He calls it "Fill Me Up". Available now on the mp3 page for all to share




Tail Two.

The missing saucepan...not available in Strawbs book "I & I Must Be Alone"