Country Joe McDonald

"Gimme an F.." ...and so forth, as Country Joe McDonald entreated us to shout in the 60's, Man! Joes anti-Vietnam songs, songs of peace and love, honour and coyotes, and science fiction extravaganzas, can all be heard on his website. For Country Joe is still fully active and still protesting 30 years on. What a prankster.

I covered one of Joes songs back in 95. A song originally called 'Sexist Pig'. I added a female part, breakbeats, acid baseline and punk guitar. You used to be able to hear it in the original Bamboo Grove website. For reasons of taste and decorum, that is no longer possible. For now.

I may re-master it one day, if only for the joke in the middle 8, as told to me by Becka and 'performed' in my recording by a Miss 'O'...


'So Strawb, I want to tell you about the 4 Female Orgasms.

First, the positive..."oh yes, oh yes, oh Yes!".

Second, the negative..."oh no, oh no, oh No!"

Third, religious..."oh god, oh god, oh God!"

Lastly, fake..."oh strawb, oh strawb, oh strawb!"


Tiddle pom!


I came to know Country Joe through the album 'Into The Fray' a double live album borrowed from a friend in the 80's. It's still with me, alongside a fabulous Country Joe and The Fish album 'Electric Music for the Mind and Body'. Top stuff. Psychedelia a-go-go!


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