Old Punk Remakes!

I love reworking my favorite songs. There's a few dotted around the site so I thought it time I put them all on one page



Love Song, by the wonderful Damned.

Sung here by my friend Jocelyn Cole,or if you're visiting from My Space,

Miss Zebulun Pink!

We recorded this way back at the end of the last century


Bagpuss meets Ragga Twins in a techno oriental soundclash!!?

Love Song MP3


Dear God, originally released by the excellent XTC

Reworked here in a Techno-Ragga-Rock style with Clive T.V. and Pixie on vocals, with Steve Pantlin on guitar. Me on production and stress

Dear God page

Dear God MP3



(I married a) MONSTER (from outta space) by John Cooper Clarke The legendary punk poet. Reworked here with the help of Karel Fialka and some guitarist I never met, with backing vocals by my friend Farima





Money, by the fabulous Flying Lizards

Sung by little me here in a voice verging on the insane, coz that's how life was back then. 2001? and life was wobbly

click here for the Free Money page

Featuring De La Soul and Peter Sellers, together for the first time!

Money MP3



and of course Anarchy in the U.K.

by our Johnny Rotten and The Sex Pistols. As reproduced here in a glorious mess of frequencies and random rhythms with the help of Henry playing his New Folk Chords! But can you spot the lyric change?

Anarchy in the U.K. MP3