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Formed in the first term of my college course when we were put into groups of 6 and told to form a band! The name and concept came immediately. The plan, do a cover version of 'Armageddon Days Are Here Again' by The THE, turn it into a techno monster, make it explode into a gentle dub reggae original song of peace and love, man. Finish it off with a song of hope, penned by Steve Fowell of Evan Fly.

And by golly we pulled it off!

I recorded the backing track here at The Bamboo Grove with the help of Dan Farrell on beats. Dan also played Bass live at our debut farewell gig that December. Guitar was of course played by Steve Pantlin of Flat Afro Wig. I sang lead vocals and harmonized to Steve Fowells song at the end. Steve also played acoustic.

The gig was videod by our learned lecturer Clive and will be available as a clip or a download at the bottom of this page, in time! I still have the backing track on A-Dat and fully intend making it available for release sometime in the near future, with Mr Johnsons permission!



Crash Landing 'Freedom Rap'


What's all of this about Islam rising

Buddha's over there and he's multiplying

Geneshi on the walls of a million temples

Christ on the cross with his love so gentle

Spirits made of love all across the globe

Mesmerizing all like a twisted strobe

Time to understand we are all one people

Time to realize that we all are equal

Rich are getting richer

Never feed the poor

Blame it on religion with archaic law

Segregate the masses with your lies and hate

Using God as power to build your fascist state

Of hypocrisy


Will never set you free

With bombs and bigotry

There is only one God

There is only One Love

There is only one heart

Deep in your soul

Now we are whole

Brothers and Sisters

Now we are One

Brothers and Sisters

Thy will be done


Strawb November 2001








Revolution 17


Other homework projects include, write a pop song! This one's still in the making and it's full story will be revealed shortly. For now, you can mp3 the backing track HERE if you like! The song is called 'Revolution 17'. Sort of a Moby meets Shanai Twain, Country Techno thang! To be continued...



Do an Animation they say. No says I. Oh go on, they says. Oh alright, says I & I.

So here for your entertainment is a quick introduction to the sounds of ZEN TAILS with a few album covers wobbled about a bit, and now I can get on and do some more music! Oh, and put it in a website, they says. So I did. Maybe tomorrow I'll figure out how to put a 'Play/Stop' Button in, until then...I don't know how to switch it off. If indeed it has come on. You may be looking at a blank rectangle below for all I know. I'll find out when I test the page I guess!

Surf on, Get on, Shalom

Strawb 11/3/2003





The movie should play 'in sync' on it's 2nd play through...