Undoubtably, the greatest band in the world, Ever!

(With Faith No More a close second!)

I'm listening to their brilliant new album 'Grave Disorder' as I type. I was named after their 1982 album 'Strawberries', back in the days when I used to ride a motorbike. (see pics. below)

The first punks to release a record, tour, split up, re-form, split up, disintegrate, re-form and never give up the fight. 2005 and still touring with the original spirit of anarchy, chaos and destruction, with a huge wodge of fun on the way for all on the ride. God bless you Damned. May you never rest

There is a curious cover version of their 1979 hit 'Love Song', recorded back in 1999, that was available to listen to in the original Bamboo Grove website. Now made available again on the Cover Versions page, featuring the delicious vocals of Jocelyn Cole

Essential reading for all: Rat Scabies and The Holy Grail

by Christoper Dawes

One of the most enjoyable brilliant books I've ever read

You Must Read This Book!

Visit the official Damned website


I actually got given my full DJ name of

'El Strawb' back in 1989.

It was during a game of cricket, on

a Rave comedown. But the bike is what

started all the Strawbness in my life.

That and 'Strawberry Dross', an old

Captain Sensible B-side.

The bike is no more.

The Damned and The Strawb live on.

Get on!