Strawb 'v' R.D. Blackmore

Dominus Illuminatio Mea

(even newer song...Radiating L.O.V.E.)

Recorded in a barn on the Isle of Wedmore. This poem has been on my studio wall for too long. I finally had the peace of heart to put melody and beats to it and turn this old hymn into an uplifting, if mildly cheesey, Happy House groove.

Totally out of step with fashion and cool

and no that's not a girl singing, it's all me!

This may turn out to be a rough demo. Well, actually it is. I do have plans to get "real singers" in to re-record the vocals, add real violins and cellos, some guitar and get a pianist to re-do the piano. We'll see. I hope I do anyway

What - Ever...

But I should just say this isn't my best 'production'. Let's just say my ears are acclimatizing to the new studios acoustics. It's also not at all representative of the music on my albums. Rest assured though I am back on line and starting a new song, called "I'm Radiating Love" in full outrageous Strawb style. Which again also is totally not indicative of my sound! What is my sound anyway and who cares, I make music Enjoy.


Up-date 27th November 2005:

"I'm Radiating Love" now called "Radiating L.O.V.E." and by 'eck it's mental and adorable and I've only just begun it!

Steve Pantlin's coming round to add guitar, Clive has been issued with his decree for vocals and I'm lovin' it lovin' it lovin' it!

But I need someone to do me the animated video to go with it!

I need a dancing rabbit and a dancing bear...



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