The movie version of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is Perfect and exactly as it should be...because it is!

I'm sure Douglas is Very happy and proud of it. I know I am so, to All involved; Thank you and congratulations. What a gorgeous bunch of actors! Nice directors too. I've got a few spare songs if you want to make a video some time y'know!

Loved the bonus DVD and all the extras. The only thing I'm not happy about is, I bought my DVD in ASDA. Then found you get a free Mug if you buy it at WH Smiths. How unfair is life? Guess it's my fault for shopping with Uncle Sam and his guns.

Looking forward to the sequel

Douglas Adams, as with Spike Milligan*, is Dead. But don't let that spoil your reading!

Douglas wrote 'The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy' and four more books that were quite like it, slightly. They're all quality reads that never quite fail to show what a ridiculous species we are.

To really understand what a ridiculous species we are, read his collaboration with Mark Carwadine, the book 'Last Chance To See'. It's a travel book that tracks some near (and probably now) extinct animals, birds and lizards. Doesn't sound that exciting? Trust me, it rocks.

By now you'll have already bought and read his other books and will be joining me in proclaiming Douglas Adams a very tall and very nice man, indeed.

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To visit the Douglas Adams site click HERE.


*and like Spike, Douglas is was and will in perpetuity be a genuine genius and all round wonderful person. Thank you for living




as to what Douglas is doing on Strawbs Musical Influences page...see "Zarquon" on the Zen Tails album 'Apprentice'