I met Steve Fowell of Evanfly on September 13th 2001 when we formed a band as part of our college course. That band was 'Crash Landing' and that December I made my live debut fronting "The Freedom Suite", with Steve singing the finale. We also had the legendary Steve Pantlin on guitar, with Godlike Dan Farrell on bass. History was made.

Evan Fly make their own rock history every time they write a new tune. Seriously, they truly do kick a phatt, mean, rock ass! (even if they are all Mods!) A powerful band on the verge of great things. I saw them live at Bristols The Fleece recently, spent most of the set telling amazed punter who they were. Go buy their album 'Ignition' now, before everyone else does!


Evanfly are on their third album, "Just My Frame of Mind". They appeared on the T4 live happening recently (Channel 4 live on WSM beech) as the opening act.They would appear to be playing every major festival in the West country and beyond

More recently they have headlined in London and kicked some more ass

Go Fly Go! Get on and fair play to one of the hardest working bands I know.

Final Update!

"EvanFly Split up!!!"

The boys have formed Reoffender with Dan Farrel

Steve's gone solo

Check out their website