(Debut album - pictured - not available to buy)

Flat Afro Wig are the soul creation of guitar legend Steve Pantlin

Together with his brother Jim on Bass and Nick McBrain on drums they form a tight little 3 tone band that causes rock 'n roll mayhem where ever they go

Steve played guitar for me on the 'Dear God' and '21st Century Fable' songs. Another colleague from college. With a Hendrix guitar and a groove dub bass line over some phatt beats, Steves music has it's own smooth rocking groove and style.

Recording at The Magic Lantern Studio, Steve produced all 3 of the Flat Afro albums himself. The final incarnation of Flat Afro Wig with new drummer Nick McBrain, the younger and Jim Pantlin on Bass is now ready to rock.

Debut single "Living With You" available nowto buy on MP3 (nearly!)

Plus the DVD of "The Way The Wind Blows" also not available!

Check out Flat Afro Wig website HERE.


Steve is also a part of :

The Sleep Talkers


Live dates happening locally


Supported Strawb & Akoo Stik on the 6th May 2005

at The Porter Butt Inn, London Road. BATH


Free on MP3

What happened when Strawb Remixed and recreated some Flat Afro sounds

"Dig My Groove"


Loud Zoo 'v' Flat Afro Wig



Also not available to buy, but chock full of great songs...

the second album Ham Green Pill and its mighty follow up

The Acid All Stars