Who or what would I be without the Flying Lizards? No one. Nothing. Nada. Flying Lizards shaped me and made me what I am today*. Curse you David Cunningham and thank you! You may think you don't know who the Flying Lizards are. You'd be wrong. They did that crazy funky version of 'Money' with the dead pan English vocals. You know the one. You probably love it too, don't you! Undoubtedly one of the Greatest Pop Songs in Creation. Almost as great as the follow up single 'T.V.' Both singles also having 2 of the best B-sides EVER!

I bought all of their singles and the album 'Top Ten' when they came out in the late 70's/early 80's. But it was only recently that I finally bought their debut album, from 1979, called simply Flying Lizards on C.D. More than 20 years on and well worth the wait. If you like Aphex Twin, Lee Scratch Perry and crazy pop songs all rolled into one, buy now. Truly ahead of it's time. A masterpiece in abstract Pop and now one of my favourite albums of all time. I can't wait to get the follow up 'Four Walls'. Only available now on a Japanese import CD as it's been deleted over here for about 20 years! (with bonus tracks, of course) Obviously I'd love to find it on vinyl too...any one out there got them?**

Those of you who visited the 'original' Bamboo Grove website may have come across my cover version of 'Money' (the one with the De La Soul and Peter Sellers samples!) on Mp3. I sang it live a few times last year, using my real voice! I may even sing it again properly for reinclusion on my mp3 page. Eventually. Maybe. For now, you can download the original mix on the 'Free MONEY' page

Learn more of The Flying Lizzards HERE


*possible over exaggeration


**Once more, it's thanks to Miles for finding these on E-bay for me.

On Vinyl no less. Simply smashing