STRAWB.... The new album

"God Knows I'm Good"

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Remastered at The White House Studio W-s-M Feb 2007

This album finally came together early July last year 2006. I had made a few test compilations of a "pure Strawb" album, but it wasn't until I wrote "King of The World?" that it all came together. This is all my best Strawb songs together at last as "God Knows I'm Good". Such a perfect title. One day I hope to get around to recording the David Bowie song that I've been singing since I was 8!

Most of the songs here are finished demos. Though "Smile" still has a lot of work to be done to it. Everytime I hear it I miss Amys vocals, the piano, the drunken choir, not to mention the Rap! Possibly the best song on the album, with the least ingredients.

The dream is to re-master all of the songs in a Real studio. Add the violin to the end of "King", finish Yesterday, tweak Innocents etc...Then release it as a 10 track Vinyl album with the King image as the finished cover. Nice. Then tour it, with some Songs of Ascension and an Akoo Stik slot.

For now though, this is a self produced self made self marketed vanity release. Jammed full of great songs. I Know "King" is ...a bit much, but get to the end and you'll understand and dig. Then you'll get to hear one of the potentially best pop albums of the 21st century.

What-Ever. The important thing is I love each and every song and I love the album even more. As for the "King" image. Well that says everything I ever need to say about my music. Now either get downloading or go buy my album. Then go buy my Castilia Suite by my other alter ego ZEN TAILS from coz that's great too!



Track listing:

King Of The World?


End Of The World Waltz

(I married a) MONSTER (from outta space)


Please Slow Down

Have I Told You Lately


Yesterday Is Gone (get over it)

Innocents (cut down like a tree)


The last 3 songs are bonus CD tracks:

End Of The World Re-mix

Please Slow Down - The Slinky Re-mix

21st Century Fable - by "The Zen Tails Collective"


All music played and recorded by Strawb at The Bamboo Grove

All artwork by Strawb


Bonus 'secret' Mp3


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