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Welcome to The Bamboo Grove

Home of the Strawb, maker of the Zen Tails and other such things

Gateway to the creativity of all my friends and fellow travelers on The Way

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7th June 2006

It's all gone Pink!

The Studio has had a major make over ready for a new era of funky fantastic music to make you groove and heal to

The apprenticeship is now over and we begin the real work

starting with...


The Bamboo Groves' in-house band project thing

Great songs. Great grooves. Great musicians

Dub bass and frequencies from Dan

Guitar from Steve

Voices from Clive, Joss, Strawb, Jodi

Plus special guests


Work also begins recording all my songs "Properly", with the help of real musicians this time. Plus all the new songs I'm going to be writing


Also solo projects for my friends

So stay tuned

It's gonna be Glorious!





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Strawb: Taoist/Pagan/God bod? WannabeeHindu/Jew/Sufi

Jesus buddy and Occasional Twonk

(and a damn fine songwriter/producer/singer)


Original 3rd Century Bamboo Grove Poetry

'Years ago, at fourteen and fifteen
with high ambition I fell in love with poetry and books.
I wore the simplest clothes, but in my heart,
I cherished
the ruby and pearl,
setting Yan Hui and Min Sun up as my models.

In an open cart I turned my face to the wide fields,
climbing ever upward I sought to follow my heroes.

The mounds of graves cover the hillsides,
thousands of years have passed in a single moment,
thousands of Autumns, tens of thousands of years-

Now I know the truth of the Immortals
and laugh at myself, my rolling tears.'


RUAN JI   A.D.210-263



This is a home made site. All the MP3s are Free

I only ask that you dig my grooves

...and Enjoy!

and that somebody sign me up for Vinyl releases

Two sites Too many!

I was trying to be too many things at once. Ego got out of control, usual nonsense! So now it's just Strawb and Sky Moo. with a possibility of a Zen Tails reunion one day!