"In Your Arms"

A delicously strange yet sweet and gorgeous little tune.The thing I love most about this song is it's waveform. It has Lovely flow and structure! (Bloc Party could learn a lot from it!) It's a very 'Beat' tune, in a Jack Kerouac 60's kinda way, but with technology. I love it deeply. Part 2 coming soon...The groove goes on!

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Shape of a song...


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Creation of a song

I was reading Perlycross by RD Blackmore late last week, when a line about time being over spurred me into writting. Next thing y'know I'd written the lyrics for "In My Arms" (Song for Antoinette) But I'll be darned if I can find the original quote and the page again!

Next night I laid down a simple backing track. Sung it through twice the following night and spent all day sunday editing and structuring it, just in time for Henry to return to the fold and lay down some acoustic guitar and djembe for me. All other percussion by Me!

3 day turn around. Not bad! May take more time on the remix. Have given a copy to it's hearts inspiration and she loves her song. Which is Nice!

As always, vocals under produced. Pure voice with a little compression and reverb. I really should read up on EQ. and sort my sibilance out. No auto-tune used, but that's not to say I wouldn't use one if I knew how!!

Good to be back on form and full of creativity. Still working on "No Heart Today" and "The Scottish Song". But now I've got to add a part 2 to "In Your Arms", the lovers groove! You know you want it. And I know I need to create it!



I wish that... Time was over

and I could lay down with you

In my arms

I wish the, world would stop

So we could look around

And not make a sound

Just wrapped around you

In my arms

No sun to set, No moon to rise

Lost in your eyes

A pause of perfection


No world waiting, No more rotating

No more spinning around, spinning around

Let's not make a sound

I wish that, Time was over

With you wrapped around me, Eternally

Lost in your eyes, carressing your thighs

Yeh yeah!


Baby won't you lay with me

Baby won't you stay with me

Baby won't you lay with me

Baby won't you stay


Lost in your eyes


I wish that, Time was over


written 8-11-06 near midnight

by a Strawb