Introductory Guide To


Home of a Strawb

Welcome to my web site. My name is Strawb. I make music!

This site is full of Free MP3's and the stories behind the songs. But it's been up since 2001 and has evolved into a bit of a rambling confusing mess of my own creations...

So, for first time callers, please start with songs from my New Album God Knows I'm Good

such as End of The World Waltz, Please Slow Down or Moronification

or some acoustic demos Searching 4 My Yoko, Without Words, Little Marilyn

or a personal favorite, Waltz Time

Then listen to some of the stranger songs like Rosebud or Dig My Groove (which does have mild profanity in a light hearted style!)

or more recently In My Arms or Nowhere


You'll also find mp3s of my collaborations with Clive T.V. and our classic remake of Dear God originally by XTC featuring another great singer/songwriter Pixie

Plus many curious yet fabulous cover versions!

There are pages for all my creative friends within this site with links to their sites

Plus a page for my Musical Influences with links to bands web sites

and one for Books that have shaped me


In the early days I made music under the name of Zen Tails


recently I recorded Radiating L.O.V.E.


and in the near future I'll be releasing a new Strawb E.P. entitled

The Stoughton Tapes


That is all...



except for this link to when Tibetan Monks came to my hometown and a few friends and I hung out with them while they blessed our town. Click here

(I think they missed a few bits though!)