I worked with Karel about 8 years ago? Probably more, time passes so fast. Karel moved in down the hill from me. We met up, instant friendship and eventual collaboration.

Karel had hits across Europe and the U.K. in the mid 80's. Remember 'The Eyes Have It'? But he is best remembered for his hit 'Hey Matthew'. He is still making music back in (one of) his homeland(s). Nearly making it to having the official world cup song for Scotland, not so long ago, with the rousing anthem 'Amansaman'. Still making music and recently collaborating with Paul Roberts of Sniff 'n the Tears. He's a busy bonny lad

And the song I recorded at Karels studio? 'I Married A Monster From Outta Space'. A compleat reworking of the 1979 John Cooper Clark hit single. Finally available for all to buy on my new album "God Knows I'm Good" and now available on an edited mp3 at the bottom of this page. If you like it, you can get the full version by buying my album!


Karel can be found HERE www.karelfialka.com Now!


(I married a) Monster (from outta space)

Strawb 'v' John Cooper Clarke

Produced by Karel Fialka