King of The World?

Oi vey, oi vey, oi vey! What can I say! King of the World? You'd have written it too if you were me. One month on after the fabulous flop that was Ascension, I went walking up atop my latest favorite Iron age hill fort, Dolberrow Warren. The music was nearly done and buzzing around my head, and there the words came as I walked alone

Hopefully this is the last of the "pity poor me poet" songs that I'll write. For me it's the song where I feel I have arrived, said all I need to say and can now relax, unwind and write some "nice" songs now. Without all the confused angst, coz now I understand. And I hope you do too once you've played it a few times

Like all the songs on this album, it remains unfinished. I hope to be adding some beautiful Violin at the end of the song soon. Plus it would be nice to have some professional ears and a real studio to re-master in, as I'm still suffering from a year long ear problem, which doesn't help my mix downs!

Until then...I love this song as it stands. Thanks to Miles, it sounds great in my car, driving carefully down my country lanes. You should try it, but please, slow down for Badgers. They have families too!!

Download King of The World? MP3 here


Thanks to Steve Pantlin of Flat Afro Wig for some searingly gorgeous guitar

Rock-tastic mate!