Dear God


The Lion and The Pixie

Originaly written/recorded by XTC

Sung here by

Clive T.V. and PXE

Guitar by Steve Pantlin

Produced by Strawb at The Bamboo Grove, December 2002


"and oh what fun we had recording it. I recall having to walk out the studio while the musicians, i.e. everyone else, argued over the notes. Clive showed me where to put the snare for a Ragga vibe. a lot of editing and stress, but by golly what a beast of a Cover Version. I hope Andy approves!"

strawb 2007

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Available to buy soon* as a Double 'A' side single picture disc with...

21st Century Fable


The Zen Tails Collective


Starring: James Blackmoore as the poet

PXE singin

Steve Pantlin on guitar

Written/recorded by Strawb at The Bamboo Grove, March 2002


*Well, that was the plan, way back then. Hey ho!