Songs of Ascension : Track 9

Hearing but your voice
Walking in my shoes
Learn from experience the
Wrong road to choose
Acting out a lifetime
Rehearsing all your dreams
Stepping out of line
Tripping in the wrong scene

Who's the fool now, where hides the clown
What great charade to wear a frown
How high the mighty, when comes the fall
Why show your pretty face at all, yeh, yeah

Talking up the future
Re-arrange the past
Consol yourself in Buddha baby but the
Moments never last
Figures in control
Calculating freedom
Feed your imagination on
Mystic biscuit wisdom, yeh yeh yeah

A-how how…(CHR)

I am in the driving seat
Where life has never been so sweet
Humbled with a tantric treat
My manifestation can't be beat
D'you wanna take a ride
I'll take you over to the hoopy side
Fill you up with love and pride
Show you where the singer lied
Yeah I lied…

A-how how…(CHR)

+ Your pretty face at all

Mantra mantra, Actor actor
Where do we go from here
Mantra mantra, Actor actor
Back to the egg I fear

Mantra mantra, Actor actor
Where do we go from here

Where do we go…


c Strawb 1995