Written in a cave! Said I would write this song for about a year before i got around to doing so. There is a more advanced version of this song in progress at my friends studio. Backing/lead vocals again supplied by Amy Evans. Plus varied guitar parts from Steve Pantlin. And I still have many vocal parts from Clive TV to edit up and use... but I'm waiting for some fresh inspiration/cash to finish it. Soon come?

Rock 'n roll guitar by Henry Orna of AKOO STIK

We're lining up for humiliation
For a drug called moronification
We're dumbing down out of necessity
For a Future lived on T.V.
Dumbing down
For my, moronification
Dumbing down
Dumbing down

You know you're nothing unless you've been on T.V.
You know you're nothing if you're no celebrity
There is no point in your existence you see
Unless of course you own a D.V.D.
Dumbing down
Dum dum dum

Leave your computer on night and day
Let your mobile tell you what to say
Think what you're told by the daily Press
And only tell the doctor when you're stressed
Dumbing Down…
…Stop, rewind, pause.

Life is to be lived not videod'
Now will never come again
You're on your own at the end of the road
Try living now and then
Explore your self explore your friends
Explore the world coming round the bend
Ask yourself have I all I need
Or is my life motivated by greed
Break the program man, start again
'cos this is where moronification ends…

Dumbing down, doo doo doo
Dumbing down, me and you
Dumbing down, la dee dah
Dumbing down, I want a bigger car
Dumbing down, for my
Moronification, mmm my
My sedation
My contemplation
My new play station
Oooh Dumbing down

c Strawb 2002