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New MP3s for 2005

Strawb : Please Slow Down

Last song that I wrote. Kind of. I was in the middle of re-re-mixing when my hard drive crashed and disappeared on me! Tiddle pom. Sounds very nice in the car when driven slowly!


Loud Zoo v Flat Afro Wig

Dig My Groove

Featuring vocals from Nicola. This bizarre piece of awesomeness came about when Steve gave me a load of guitar and bass grooves to edit up. It kept on growing into this little beauty of frustrations released. Includes a tribute to the Flat Afro Wig song "The Way the Wind Blows" Enjoy.

Though I would point out I was very very angry and frustrated when i "wrote" it and it is the only song that has swearing in it. Albeit for light comic tension. And so, in conclusion...Sorry! I'm better now. But it's still an amazing "song"


Strawb : Moronification

As legend has it, written in a cave. Featuring Guest vocals from Amy. Guitars by Steve Pantlin. from Clive T.V. Acoustic guitar by Henry. Although this is only the rough demo with none of the above on


AKOO STIK : End of The World Waltz

The first nearly properly recorded Akoo song. We're very very proud of this little baby. I also did a rather groovey little remix too. Both versions available on the God Knows album


Strawb : Karma Comedian

Oh what the heck, here's a song from my Songs of Ascension album. Lyrics written while waiting for my Green Flag roadside assistance. So, so long ago with an assortment of breakbeats from Lees Hip Hop record collection


AKOO STIK : Without Words

And the very first AKOO song written. Also the first song we sang in public as AKOO STIK. This is the original test recording done back in 2003




With Henry too!

(I'm also LOUD ZOO in case you hadn't guessed)


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