December 13th 2006 and... Strawb Loves My Space!

Been in My Space a while now, but have only just found my feet and started to really enjoy myself. Making new friends, slowly. Finding and being found by old friends quite a bit. Discovering new music and a lot of spiritually creative, beautiful, brilliant people! Love it.

And there's loads of new songs for free download here in The Bamboo Grove

2 of our best AKOO STIK songs 'Love' and 'Eyes'

Plus the glory and the majesty that is 'King of The World'

Please don't go until you have at least 3 of my songs for your i pod, or whatever it is you young hipsters are doing with your music these days. I dunno, we had things called records in my day, and we wuz happy and so carefree...sigh!

Download me now!!

Come visit and meet my Friends in My Space



May 5th

Strawb is 42

and there's a brand new Zen Tails tune in the Grove!

Called "Reborn" and available for Free download Now!

Also i'm busy packing boxes ready to move to Bamboo Grove II




March 25th

42 days 'till I'm 42!

...and then everything changes. I will be moving out of my ancestral home and birthplace, packing up The Bamboo Grove and... then I don't know what!!

But I Will be releasing a Brand New Strawb E.P. before then entitled

Trouble in Pink

featuring the songs All The Way Thru Winter, No Heart Today, Nowhere, This Boy Is Beat and In My Arms. The final few to be recorded in the briefly new and improved Pink Studio!

5 songs from a bewildered and confused, overly lovestruck and beaten Strawb!

Each in it's own individual Strawbish aural landscape. Unclassifiably cool and groovy creations from The Bamboo Grove. And true to form, not one of them sounds like Any of the songs on my rather fabulous album "God Knows I'm Good". Which is nice!

Stay tuned for updates and a release date.


N.B. Lyrics to No Heart Today and more at bottom of this page



February 3rd

At long last I've taken my album to a proper studio and had it remastered!

Many thanks to Martin ofThe White House Studio for his frequency clensing!

I finaly have Music on my MY SPACE page. 4 Very simple Flash Players with excerts from most of my songs, for instant easy listening and assessment!

And to celebrate I will be sending out 10 Free Copies to random Friends in My Space.

So expect copies of 'God Knows I'm Good' to be flying all accross the globe to arrive on unsuspecting shores over the next few weeks! God Bless that there My Space!

Meanwhile work still continues on my song 'I Love My Planet' as well as a secret Mega Tune whose title i can't even Tell you coz it's So Good!

Stay tuned y'all


: )


Update 14th jan:

Much work being done in the studio. Pixie came and sang beautifully on some songs. Dan came and added a lovely bit of 70's dub bass and original Gibson guitar for 'Yoko'


The year has begun and i've got a Lot of editing ahead of me. Quality, Happy songs coming your way. Stay tuned and have faith in your Strawb.

Also plans afoot to sell CD's and t-shirts on line in The Grove, soon!

Plus I am 'Red Book' mastering "God Knows I'm Good" next week in order to re-press ready for your many orders!



2007 is here at long, long last. Got a Lot of work to do. So many great songs backlogged that need to be finished. Desperate to finish "No Heart Today" not only 'coz it's brilliant, but for the look on peoples faces when they hear it! And my beloved "Scottish Song". I need a Scotsman people, with his own Bagpipes and Kilt. So that one will have to wait.

Then there's my "(Ohm Groove On) I Love My Planet" song. That's a fair old task i've set myself. Hhmm been learning to harmonize with myself. You should try it! It ain't easy. Unless you're name's Pixie. But I got Leon to help now me now so...

MY SPACE. Should be passing 200 Friends soon. And that means I've got a Lot of music to go listen to in Texas, Japan, Italy, Newcastle.. all over. And CD's to buy and MP3s to download. When really and truly i ought to be and I Will be sorting some sort of Pay Pal and printing up more copies of "God Knows I'm Good" to sell to all you pretty people visiting my mad little old website.

It shall be done. Life is good again. We like 2007

Stay tuned to The Bamboo Grove.

It begins Again

and thank you Leon, Dan, Henry and Dave

And to the Friends I'm making in My Space

And Hi Alessandra!


Irie True Y'all!


7th Jan 2007




4th November 2006 and...

Brand new songs at long last available for Free Download here

Get Nowhere and This Boy is Beat


Click HERE.


"14th November and there's another new song In My Arms to download

Possibly the prettiest, sweetest, strangest love song... Ever!"



19th October 2006

At long last work has begun on the much loved and talked of "The Scottish Song"

Be very excited. Turns out it's got a Deep House Groove to it!

Never expected that. Anyway...

"When I was young, it didn't matter

I thought that I, would live forever

Now I'm old, and I see

What a mess

I made of me..."

(add bagpipes and drum and repeat!)

"No Heart Today" on pause until I buy a new Drum Machine

Plus working on a song with the great Dan of ReOffender, his choice and voice




Sometime in September i wrote...

2006 is like a long slow grinding nowhere train to painsville!

But at long last a new song emerges from the Test Ones and cover possibilities and confusion

It's called No Heart Today and tells the story of how I lost the last hunk of my heart, again. Been doing it for too long, falling in love and giving my heart away. Then watching them run away to have fun with another. Damn poet life!

Hence the lack of creativity over the past few months. Women eh! Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. Gotta love them though and keep going back for more!!!

Not dedicated to one, but to all of 'em!

Now, can I have my heart back please? Or at least bits of it!!


No Heart Today


She took a bite of my heart and spat it out and then she ran away

She took a bite of my heart and spat it out and then she ran away

I guess it tasted too strong : I guess it tasted all wrong

And now i gotta - get along

Now my heart's been eaten away : Yeh my heart's been eaten away

It's all gone . . . Yeh it's all gone


I gotta grow myself a, new heart

I gotta make myself a, fresh start

I gotta feed myself on, Love that won't go wrong

Love that will make me, feel strong, Again

Now I'm numb from all the pain


and i got

No heat today : No heart it's been eaten away

No heart today : No heart it's been eaten away

No heart to say

I Love You


17th Sept. 2006


Written by the side of the road yesterday, while out driving with my Sky Moo

Coming together nicely in the style of "Yesterday is Gone (get over it)", from the

awesome God Knows I'm Good album that you're all so familiar with!


...and if only i listened to myself 12 years ago when i wrote

Old Enough To Know Better : Young Enough Not To Care


and have you Mp3'd me yet?

Why not?






Old News...


2005 is Gone. Long live 2006 and beyond!

Work is about to begin on new songs for a brand new Strawb album

Again it will be old songs, songs that I wrote 13 years ago, but only now have the ability and assistance to make these songs become what they always wanted to be, great pop songs. These songs are my true babies. Simple happy positive songs. No more waggy finger and intense frequencies and beats. I will be using some of my fabulous friends to play bass, piano, guitar, hurdy gurdy, I hope and more. With some wondrous women helping out on lead vocals too.

Don't hold your breath though as I have a finish date for this one of "before I'm 42...and then I'll think about growing up, having got this music out of my system!!"

Songs to include: Angel. Searching 4 my Yoko. Spread A Little Love. Suzie Creamcheese.

Lion Man. Old Enough 2 Know Better (young enough not to care).

...and More songs you've never heard of unless you know me and have had to listen to my endless pratteling for the past 14 years of ascension days. As well as plenty of new ones.


Nothing to report as yet. Still got to rebuild the studio after it's clensing.

But as always, stay tuned and

Go Buy My Album! £9.99 from Real Record shops

Plus work will soon begin on the newSkyMoo project!