At long last a Brand new Strawb song for you all!

Best appreciated by old ravers who remember Sunrise 89 and can't believe it's been over 15 years since and... wh'appen?!

But i should warn you, it's not the 'happiest' of tunes, well it is, but you have to listen to the end to get the full benefit, and it's nearly 7 minutes long! I Promise to do a Happy song next time. Anyway, there's "This Boy is Beat" ,that's kinda uplifting. So is 'Nowhere', but like I say, y'gotta work at it!


If you want a happier song, go download

In My Arms

Brand new as of 14th November


anyway,back to "Nowhere"...

Work started on this little beauty over a year ago and it's been laying dormant, until last week when i could take it no more and finished it. Featuring a guest appearance with my friend,the legendary Clive T.V. adding the 'Sweet Energy' at the end

I can't believe it's taken us until now to get us together on song. I've Produced plenty of Clives songs and he's sung some of mine, but this is the first time we're together in frequency. Hopefully we'll have another go soon

Click here for Nowhere MP3

6 minutes 45 seconds of gorgeous womp-womp frequency and smooth groove


Also I'm giving you This Boy is Beat

" I love this song! "

Recorded last January while on my long lost ascension weekend, out in my barn in the deep dark depths of the Isle of Wedmoore. Pure classic Strawb. I am Very proud of this song. It's about how it feels to be able to sing out emotions thru song, like!

and it's fab!

Click here for This Boy is Beat MP3 that's a nice-a groove!!


Even better though are the Clive T.V. MP3s already available here at The Bamboo Grove

Can't belive I'm not swamped with e-mails of the highest praise for these little gems


Click here for the supremely brilliant

Love Song for All Of Mankind MP3

by Clive T.V.



Click here for the awesomeness of

You'll Do MP3

by Clive T.V.


And now go and get more MP3s

and then e-mail me your kind thoughts



Strawb 6-11-2006