Ocean Of Emotion

Ocean of Emotion was the band I formed with Lee a.k.a. D.J. E-zee Lee, way back in 1993. We got together to write a song called 'Love Me'. We were both DJing at the club SUMOS at the time and so got to play our tape the night our first song was finished. That was a rush! Everyone danced and we got the seal of approval from D.J. 'Evil' Eddie Richards who was also performing that night.

We formed the band on the strength of Love Me and went on to write tunes together for a couple of years before I kind of inherited Lees studio, when he 'retired' to the land of DVDdebate.com

We only compleated about 6 full songs, but each one a gem. In time these will all be re-mastered and made available to buy. For now, go mp3 'I Don't Like You 'cos You're An American' on the Music page. It's a bit rough and ready, but then, it was recorded to 4 track tape, way back in olde 1994. With much love! Sample used, Angelo Moore from the mighty Fishbone. late night London T.V. vocal sample. Bless you, Angelo!