Old Enough To Know Better : Young Enough Not To Care


Done it again

Fallen in love

The hurt and the pain

It's better that drugs

A slave to her beauty

Tried to ignore

But man, she's such a cutie

I've fallen for sure


Old enough to know better : Young enough not to care

She's smiling, I'm shining

Paradise waiting there

Old enought to know better : Young enough not to care

Love's calling, I'm falling

Spellbound without a care


I've got to see her

A few silly words

Ought to know better

But haven't you heard

Love is a devil

With God on it's side

Tears you to pieces

Such a beautiful ride


She'll never hurt me

I'll never cry

Keep on believing

Though you know it's a lie

Got to discover

Gotta explore

Go undercover

And break every law


Maybe in another life : Maybe in on a desert island

Maybe if we close our eyes and slip away

Maybe she could be my wife : Maybe in our secret garden

Maybe had a baby and flew away...


c Strawb sometime in 1993!!

(to be recorded in the style of 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley, one day! )