MMmmm...where to begin? So many stories, so much chaos, destruction and fun along the way. Well, back in the days of Charlie Says, as The Prodigy take the land, Orca are in the making, with their own little Mutley. Dave and Darren start to play live. An album followed and Orca soon grew into one of the hottest live acts of the early Big Rave Days. They released many a 12" white label and went out under various names. Favorites of the Fantazia crew, they had a track on the first Fantazia compilation and a whole side to themselves on the second.

At the height of their fame, Dave Insane went off on a voyage of his own creations. Darren carried the name Orca for a while before he formed the very cool and successful Kosheen. In 1999 Dave reclaimed the name Orca and the legend carried on with new member Dave Grier

Orca rocked in the early 90's. Now they're back and rocking the new Century too. Check them out HERE

Latest project to come out of the ORCA stable is CETACEA

The Whales story of old www.cetaceaproject.org

Done in a techno stylee!