Please Slow Down

Can i just say, the first few seconds of the Slinky Remix have to be THE most delicously yummy groovy frequencies in my universe. That said, the original's pretty kooky too!

Guitars and Djembe by Henry


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Please Slow Down

Please slow down, just because you could, doesn't mean you ought'a

Please slow down, you don't know what's around the corner


If only on reflection, you could change your direction

If you had second chance, would you take the time to dance

Is there a rewind on your day, for all the things you had to say

Can you commit yourself to you, or is that something that, you just don't do

Are you overflowing, is it just too much

Do you even know where you are going

Are you still in touch?




It doesn't make it better 'coz it's new

It doesn't make it better 'coz it's old

It doesn't make it better 'coz it's beautiful

It doesn't make it better 'coz it's gold

It only makes it better

It only makes it better

If it's Right!




Be aware of circumstances

Be aware of actions aims

It's the simple things that matter

It's the little things that change


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