Radiating L.O.V.E.

Just when I'd got this song sorted in my head as to how to take it forward...ker-ping! my computer goes belly up. So it's at the doctors awaiting treatment and all I have is an early test demo. Done before i'd finished going through all of Steves guitar parts and Matts cello recordings. So many ideas and grooves and places I want to take this song. So many remixes!!

As soon as it's done I'll have it up on line for all to share. Guaranteed to make you smile on 2 different frequencies, even in a partial demo form. Can't be bad. And all in the name of my dead bunny rabbit "Sir Oscar Bunny Hops". Possibly the greatest and most cool bunny rabbit I ever did have the brief honour of knowing. But that's another tale!

Think I've said too much again...

Yeh you babble too much. Well, new year, new upgraded computer thanks to my studio Guru Dave Grier. All praise and hail the great god Dave. Cheers mate.

Haven't had a chance to get Radiating back on line yet, so, here's the demo on mp3 in all its infant like glory

Radiating L.O.V.E.


and like I said, I need someone to animate me the video with a rabbit and a big blue bear dancing and singing together...you know it makes sense

and don't forget to smile, on both frequencies!