Random was conceived January 2002. Featuring special appearances from Cavey who wrote and recorded the great 'Shame'. CliveMan appears on 'Dark & Deep' and wrote the chords for 'Love Rolls'. Ocean of Emotion perform 'I.D.L.Y.'c.Y.A.A'. 'Mars Baby' written by Bow Wow Wow. Everything else written, recorded,created and stolen by Strawb at The Bamboo Grove. Inner photo of Strawb at Carreg Samson, Wales. All Artwork by Strawb.

All music written/recorded (except where stated above) by Strawb at The Bamboo Grove. (Though Lee recorded 'I Don't Like You 'cos You're An American' in The Batcave way back in 1994!)

Side One Side Two

Soundbites for each track...soon come!

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