Zen Tails


To celebrate 10 years of Zen Tails and the Bamboo Grove, at long last we have a New Song from Zen Tails entitled:


Available to download Free as of this day, May 5th 2007 and your friendly neighbourhood strawb has now managed 42 revolutions of the sun!

Who'da thought it!

Sampling "This World Over" from my vast and fabulous vinyl and CD collection of brilliant X.T.C. singles and albums. As well as blatantly stealing the ending to side one of the first Dukes of Stratosphear album "25 O'clock" for the tracks built in review!

Also a sample taken from "I Get High" by Austin. A record I used to play A Lot at Woods Parties way back in the early 90's Rave era.

Plus from Bruces' compleat Cheech and Chong on vinyl album collection, some classic Cheech and Chong taken from Let's Make A Dope Deal to end on. The full audio file for which is also available to mp3 at the bottom of this page!!

And not forgetting, but almost, the water drop samples, I stole from my vast and heaving vinyl and Cd collection of The Orb.


Reborn marks the end of an era, as The Bamboo Grove relocates to pastures new. As with all Zen Tails it's not really a song. It's a story. And you need to read every page to know the outcome and the reason why!

It's also a funky fun groove. And I am So pleased with the Harpsichord sound. I've always wanted that Tangerine Dream "Force Majeure" grandeur. Reckon I finally got it. Hope you enjoy.

Play often and then some more. Highly addictive tune.

I LOVE it.

Hope you do too


Download "Reborn" Here!


plus bonus comedy extra!