I So love Robert Wyatt, on so many levels. I was introduced to him by an NME cassette, The C-81, all the way back in 1981. It had the track 'Born Again Cretin' on it. That remains to this day one of my all time favorite songs. I bought the accompanying album 'Nothing Can Stop Us', that too still stands proud in my heart. Robert Wyatt is a song writer, story teller, poet. And a big fan of Cuba. Visit the Cuban Embassy via his site! Go buy his album 'Shleep' or the wondrous 'Dondestan' and more.

As with Tom Waits, once you discover Robert Wyatt, you'll wonder where he's been all your life and hope he never leaves or disappoints. And he won't. Check out his song ' there?' and your life will never be the same!

Update :

Bob gets better, I've got a fabulous Japanese import of his called His Greatest Misses, thanks to my local record shop. Plus the awesome E.P's C.D. box set.His latest album was also an astounding class act. He's worked with Mike Patton of Faith No More as Bjorks backing vocalists and recieved his Mojo award

And I still haven't heard or bought the Rock Bottom album yet. But I will and so should you!


Buy his albums HERE.