by Strawb


A last a compleat* song from Strawb, the official debut single.

The backing track was written, recorded and mastered to Dat at the Bamboo Grove by Strawb. Vocals, Guitar and Djembe all recorded at The Jon Williams Experience Studio. Mastered in DP3 by Jon Williams assisted by Strawb 18/4/2003. Vocals by Strawb. Guitar/Djembe played live by Henry.

Cover by Strawb using a sculpture from the Nicola Osborne collection


Mind you, I did do Rosebud a long time ago now

Dig My Groove is another stonkingly good little tune you may also want to download and dig deeply!




There's something happening in this heart of mine

Manifestations of a soul Devine


Is this the way to New Jerusalem

Is this the way to New Jesu


Turn off your television

Turn off all the lights

Turn off your computer

Turn on your life

Turn on your life


Turn off your phone






Strawb March 2003

* Spelling taken from:

'The Compleat Strawberry'

by Stafford Whiteaker

Century Publishing Co. Ltd

Song 4 Sale??!!


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