I wrote this song in 1993 for my friend Byron Alexander Shakespeare. He was killed while hitchhiking to Glastonbury Festival. Knocked over by a local man in a van. His friend who was with him also died a year later, having never fully recovered.

Byron would have been 18 the next day. He was a phenomenal fellow! Renowned for his yellow and black jumper and for always walking barefoot. A great DJ who introduced me to 'Blood' by 'This Mortal Coil' on a cassette that I never gave back. He used DJ at the 'Dig-in' in Bristol. He left A Lot of Friends.

The first recording of this song was done in 1994? I Guess. A tale in itself. Pretty sure it was the night Kurt Cobain died and it snowed all the way to Bristol...

The version on the album, although the Best Song, is the least compleat. No piano. No harmonica, no drunken crowd at the end. No acid lines! Patience people. I'm saving this one for a Big Studio to release as a single. Get me a choir in there!

Thank you Byron for 'Our' song. And yes Byron Was Ginger!

and Gorgeous!


Backing vocals by Amy Evans

70's funk Bass by Steve Pantlin of Flat Afro Wig

Buzz buzz buzz buzzing around
who's the coolest cat in town
Mr sunshine on a rainy day
Spreading love with the music he plays
See him dance up on the floor
Coming like Sandie Shaw
An inspiration to us all
A Nowhere Man who was destined to fall
He said

Smile, appreciate
Love the life you're living, ooh yeah
Smile, communicate
Learn to live for giving, ooh yeay yeh
Cos we're, All, of the same seed
And we've all, got the same needs
And we all, hurt deep inside
And we're all, going to die, yeh yeh
Smile, love you life
Love your life

Dig dig digging in the summer sun
Waiting for the man and only having fun
So many people going out of their heads
Coming round the corner nearly time for bed
He never put up a God Damn fight
He just shot off into the light
Now he shines down from up above
Covering us all in his funky love
He said

It's party time and you're all invited
Let's trip together and we'll be united
It doesn't matter if you're Black White or Ginger
Free your mind and we'll forgive ya!

Love your life love your life yeh
Love your life love your life yeh