'The Ravers Lament'

A born again Zen Pagan, making motions in the light

Eating sacred candy as we, sacrifice all night

A tribe of urban spacemen, united in our dance

Come to bring salvation, it's a ritual romance

Snaking through our destiny, fighting for our cause

A global call of ecstasy, a party to end all wars

Counting friends in rainbows, as you pass around the call

Wait on Rah to show us, the meaning of it all

Flesh and blood of freedom, song of revolution

Hear the beat go echoing, cutting through pollution

A holiday in limbo, for all forgotten souls

Rhythm of a freakshow, tonight we all are whole

Tomorrow never comes again, it's yesterday no more

Underground and far away, essence of the pure...

A born again Zen Pagan

A born again Zen Pagan

Making motions in the light


("Where you from : What you on?")




Strawb '94




'Your Heart & Your Soul'



Something deep inside

Makes me want to shiver

No place left to hide

Wait for you

To deliver



'Your heart and your soul

Your heart and your soul'


Light the fire within

Purifying all sin

Heaven blessed

Still my life's a mess

Hold me now

Say the vow




One and one make whole


This is no fantasy

Confused by


This is the way

To flow

This is the way

To understanding my own feelings

To fly away




(and the angels sing

...such a beautiful thing)



Lyric to accompany Mp3 instrumental

Strawb 2002. RANDOM





'Waltz Time'


A confused and directionless frenzy

This world gets me down

With its hate and disease

Its lies and its envy

The greed rolls around

Diluted by fools

Disguised as jewels

For the clowns

This world it keeps bringing me down


And we all dance to the same song

We all sing the same tune

We all get the words wrong

La da dee, La da moon...


A charade of a sham of a show

Now the audience knows

That the poet has stumbled

The actor has mumbled

Read the line time and time

The solution is mine

Not to doubt

But to trust in the flow


And we all dance to the same song

We all sing the same tune

We all get the words wrong

Ba da bing, Ba da boom...

(woah ba da boom!)


A mirage in a life line of fear

A mirror deceived

Broken hearts left aside

Full of tears

For all who believed

In this race

A childs face


Go on and smile

You'll be living a while

Living a while


And we're all a little confused

We're all a little deceived

Yeh we're all a little confused

And we're all a little deceived

'cos we're all a little abused

And we're all put here to believe

Here to believe


And we all dance to the same song

We all sing the same tune

We all get the words wrong

La da dee

La da dee, hee hee hee

La da doom

Ba da boom!



Lyric to accompany AKOO STIK Mp3

Strawb 2000

















F*** the lot of y'uz

I'm an artist

I paint in frequency

I colour you with rhythm

With melody like a disease

on a canvas of life

This is not a song

'tis but a multi dimensional moment in life

that lingers on

within each frame




It's a new sensation

This noose around my neck

and you call this






poem one



Risky business

Tight rope walking your way through life

At the toll of the bell

You fell

So surprised that you could fly

As you swoop to soar

Are your feet on the floor

Now you're rooted for sure

One false step contained reality

In a slippery world








poem too




Water water everywhere

I need some time to think

To rest my bones and dream a while

And find the missing link

Between love and hate

And wrong and right

And all that lies between

I close my eyes

My ears are wide

As Mother Nature screams...




Strawbish poetry