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Guitar by Steve Pantlin of Flat Afro Wig


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"Yoiks! Years go by and enough is enough, just call me Strawb

It's been a confusing era, but now it's over and I'm fully focussed on who I am and what I do. Only took 40 years too! nice

Still got a lot to do on this site. Have you found the "return2vinyl" bit yet? Still haven't sorted that either. Hey ho

Little by little the purple pages will be updated. For now, my legs hurt as i sit on the floor typing, listening to Led Zeps Physical Graffiti. It's quite good y'know. First time I've heard it. Anyway..."


Strawb 27-9-05




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Story of a song...


I wrote this song over the weekend. I started the music on the Friday, wrote the lyric on the Sunday afternoon while parked on the beech. Laid down the vocals that night. As with my Akoo Stik songs, the vocals are very rough. Had a couple of practice sing throughs, recorded 2 vocals. Bosh! Put an Ohm Boys reverb on it and burn it to CD

I will be rerecording the vocals, try out some harmonies on the chorus and do some proper production. Plus Mr. Pantlin has offered to put some live Bass on it as well as some possible guitar. Rah! In the meantime, please enjoy the song in it's pure Dodgy Digital Demo form

and Surf Safe Y'all!



(cut down like a tree)




(cut down like a tree)



Wherever I may roam

Whatever I may see


Cut down like a tree


Moving on


Cut 'em down

We'll plant more seeds



With enhancement by the hour

Though the taste is getting sour

We'll glorify the gain

As we chloroform the pain


We'll digitize our feelings

So that life can have more meaning

And our dreams will all come true

For the chosen few


At what cost


For all that we've lost


A loose connection in the chain

We all fall down

Water down the drain

And drown

Bodies wash away

Nothing left to say

The price you have to pay

Is in your hands


God we're so clever

God we're so wise

So damn civilize



Strawb 26/01/2003


...and for those who fancy singing 'Innocents' for themselves, here's the Instrumental mix, just waiting for your vocals and additional instrumentation!









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