Once again the Sugaababes prove my faith and dedication and release another classic Pop single. How cool is "Easy"? Great song, great production. Looking forward to the 5th album next year, should be a monster. Fabulous b-side too. Reminds me of The Revillos! and makes me think it's time for a re-make of "Where's The Boy for Me?" Go girls, you still number one.

Plus Siobhan's got a smouldering new album due out in the new year too


Go to bottom of page for potential Sugababe MP3

anyway, more Strawby babble...


I'm not supposed to like the Sugababes, coz I'm 40 (and a half!) but I don't care. They make great Pop music. And I love pop music, from the heart, which is where theirs comes from. They're now on their 4th album and I think it's their best one yet. Brilliant pop album full of potential hit singles. Go girls! But Please, don't release 'Obsession' . It could have been so brilliant, but in fact it's the low point of the album. Sorry. The rest of the album though is brilliant pop. Best one of their career, so far!

Respect goes out to their remixes too. Round Round ones were awesome and the new single Ugly gets some serious beats. So maybe you could release Obsession...I'll give it a remix if they'd let me!

Fact is, I fell in love with their first single Overload when it came out. Before I knew their name or what they looked like. I'd just "lost" my Girl Band that I was writing songs for, then along came Sugababes. "My" band were called "Shade". A friend of mine was managing them and asked me to write some songs for them. Things were going great for the girls, they got a spot on local T.V. news singing my song "I'll Be Back" Then it all stopped. I got left with a load of songs and a new direction that I turned into Zen Tails

One song that was far too good even for Zen Tails was one that I wrote for the coolest little singer ever, she's called Akya. That song 'Perfect Little Me' I will get to the girls one day. It is So perfect for them. For now it's available at the bottom of the page for all to share. Though it is the original 1996 demo, recorded on 4 track cassette! Akya sang the song perfectly through in one take. So professional, such style. And she was only 16. Last spotted in one of the earlier Pop Idol last 16 line ups

Meanwhile Sugababes keep growing from strength to strength and you don't need me wittering on about them and trying to justify myself for liking them. I also think original 'babe Siobhan Donaghy continues to make great pop music and am looking forward to her new album. Respect is due and go buy her album too, 'coz it's Great!

Check out their website

and then go see what Siobhan is up to


Perfect Little Me

Sung by Akya

Written and recorded by Strawb

long long time ago

at the Bamboo Grove 1996

I wrote this song especially for Akya. She came round and sung it straight off, two takes. Both used here. Possibly the first time she'd sung in a studio. Awesome little singer and a lovely girl. Great style too

Hi Akya! whatever happened to you babe?


Full lyrics available on request!!


"Perfect, little me : Touch my, sensuality"