The Best of Page!

The Best of The Strawb:

King of The World?


Yesterday is Gone (get over it)



Please Slow Down

End of The World Waltz



The Best of Zen Tails:

(Frenesi : by The Artie Shaw Orch.)

Your Heart & Your Soul from random

Bamboo Rock from The Bamboo Rock E.P.

Jons Song from OYA LOCO

Tor Girl from The Castilia Suite

21st Century Fable by The Zen Tails Collective

Chillin' With The 7 Sages of The Bamboo Grove from rising

Where Will You Go? from OYA LOCO

Flow/Rush from rising



The Best of AKOO STIK:


Little Marilyn

Searching 4 My Yoko



All The Fuses Have Blown

Without Words


Little Marilyn

Searching 4 My Yoko



The Best of The Rest:

guitar intro

N.R.G. by Thomas Than

Dig My Groove by Loud Zoo 'v' Flat Afro Wig

Loud Zoo Blues ft. Dave G on Blues Harp by Loud Zoo

Solstice Pilgrimage by The Solstice Pilgrim

Rosies Blues by Andrew Worley

Dig My Groove - 'The Way The Wind Blows' section

Beyond Acid ft. Bob Garrett by Loud Zoo

S.T.F.U. by A Wide Mouthed Girl

I Don't Like You 'coz You're an American by Ocean of Emotion

BOB by B.O.B.

Where Did It All Go Wrong? by Kelly G

BOSH (plenty of paint around) by A Wide Mouthed Girl

Dig My Groove reprise

Radiating L.O.V.E. by Sir Oscar Bunny Hops and a Big Blue Bear!