Zen Tails are the soul creations of Strawb. They are mainly instrumental, leaving plenty of space for you to groove to, on whatever level you desire. They began life in 1996 with MUNGO, from the album 'Rising'. Many friends have helped along the way, all credited where appropriate and remembered. All the songs have stories behind them. Some even have lyrics as yet unsung. Ever evolving...


Brand New ZEN TAILS Tune "Reborn"




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Special thanks goes out to Dave Grier of ORCA for the loan of much of my studio kit over the years. The same applies to E-zee Lee, ex of Ocean of Emotion, for starting me off with the FZ1 and the Allen & Heath 16:4:2 mixing desk and to his brother Cavey, for a few samples I may have swiped. Respect

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Zen Tails CDs can be purchased

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